Chicago Bears 2 Studs (& 2 duds) from Week 9 loss to Saints

The Chicago Bears suffered another frustrating loss, this time to the New Orleans Saints. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
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Dud: Velus Jones, Wide Receiver

At this point, Velus Jones has earned himself a permanent spot on this list as a dud. If we did not know better we would think that he might be betting against the Bears with the number of ways he continues to struggle.

Late in the game, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy somehow got it into his brain to target Jones with the Bears down. It was a screen pass. Of course, he dropped the pass. It was close, however. Some thought it was a fumble. He did not make a football move so the play stayed as an incomplete. Had it been called a fumble he would have lost it so the officials saved him from committing another turnover.

Later in the game, Jones was on special teams. He got called for a facemask penalty. It was a fifteen-yard penalty that put the Saints deep into Chicago territory.

It is time to end the Velus Jones experiment and rule it an utter failure. He has done nothing to deserve any playing time. Giving him more snaps is taking some away from a player like Tyler Scott. So far this season, Scott has just 8 catches for 62 yards. Even so, those numbers dwarf Jones' 3 catches for 9 yards. In fact, Jones has more rushing yards (22) than receiving yards.

It is time to cut bait on Jones and look at other players.