Chicago Bears 2024 Mock Draft: NO QB this year, just get blue chip talent

The Chicago Bears would be best to choose wisely in the draft this year. Use the picks to acquire blue chip talent
Nov. 11, 2023; Columbus, Oh., USA; 
Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. (18)
Nov. 11, 2023; Columbus, Oh., USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. (18) / Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch
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RD 1 PICK 3 (VIA NYG): Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio State

A big-time trade. Move down two spots and pick up a second-round pick in the process. Also, trading Nate Davis to the G-men may sound a bit erratic, but with Davis barely stepping on the field, the Bears are better off moving on quickly and getting some compensation in return.

MHJ is truly a generational prospect. He fits the mold of an elite WR. Size, speed, hands, route running, bloodlines, all of it. He is worthy of not only winning the Heisman Trophy but also the distinction of being a high first round pick. Whatever the Bears do, they cannot afford to let this opportunity slip away.

MHJ is by far the best player on the board. You took a chance, and it paid off. If he is there, you have to take him and maximize that opportunity. If he goes somewhere else and Chicago is responsible for it, they will suffer for years and maybe decades to come.

The performance put on against Michigan State says enough. Three touchdowns when everyone and their family knows the ball is going in his direction says a lot. MHJ has even made Kyle McCord look like a decent starter. That type of player means more than anyone can imagine. Take him and don't look back.

RD 1 PICK 5: Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State

As much as you would want the Bears to trade back in this situation, allowing someone like Green Bay or LA to steal a blue-chip prospect is too risky. You have to use what picks you have and get the right players and cornerstone pieces for your franchise. Olu Fashanu is one of those players, and his qualities fit the team very well.

Though Braxton Jones has shown promise, sorry to say this to Bears fans, he is still not the answer. He is a better swing tackle. Sorry if this is hurtful, but it's a fact. Chicago needs a better player at the LT position, and Fashanu is one of those rare prospects that it would be incredibly bad to pass on. Take him and have two bookend tackles for the future.

Right now, it's about putting this team in the best possible situation to compete long term as opposed to short term. It's not about picking a QB, it's about finding the right one for the team, and in this case, no QB in Round 1. Take the two best players in the draft and on the board, stick them on the roster, and proceed forward.