Chicago Bears 2024 NFL mock draft after Justin Fields trade

After the Chicago Bears made their first moves in free agency and traded Justin Fields, their plan for the draft is clearer. Here is our latest mock.

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Round 6, #217 Overall: Nathan Thomas, OT, Louisiana

With the final pick for the Chicago Bears in this draft Poles goes after more offensive line help. He added help on the interior line so now he gets some help at the bookend tackle spots. Protection for the shiny new quarterback is essential Nathan Thomas adds flexibility with his ability to play both tackle spots.

Thomas is a solid run blocker who uses his hands and feet to help push defenders where he wants them to go. He is capable of making lateral-moving blocks. He has good initial quickness so he can seal blocks laterally. He works for proper positioning and is balanced when he engages. Also, he has strong hands. He can use them to stun rushers and knock them off balance.

Thomas still has room for improvement but his size and his sound technique give him the tools to do the work and improve. Furthermore, he has the strength to take on bull rushes and neutralize them.


The Bears take a flyer on Thomas late to help the line. They had success with Charles Leno, who was a seventh-round pick. Thomas can be a good contributor and help usher in this new era.

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