Chicago Bears: 3 Players who could be moved at the trade deadline

With the NFL trade deadline less than two weeks away, the Chicago Bears need to decide if they want to trade players. Here are three candidates.

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The Chicago Bears are in the midst of another frustrating season. It is hard to believe that this year's team could be worse than the one fielded last year. That team had just three wins. However, it also lacked a lot of talent. General manager Ryan Poles gutted the roster to free up a lot of salary cap space. He used that money, as well as trading the top overall pick, to infuse a lot of talent.

That has not worked, however. In six games this season, they have only one win. It could be a long, difficult road to reach the three wins from last season. Injuries, bad plays, and bad coaching are some of the reasons for the struggles this season.

As a result, it looks like the Bears could be sellers at the NFL trade deadline. That deadline is on October 31 at 4PM Eastern. Despite all the losing, there are still some players who could bring in draft picks. The Bears already have some good high picks. They could have two top-five picks (their own and the Carolina Panthers' pick through the trade of the number one pick) and six picks in the first four rounds. Adding more picks would certainly help speed up the rebuild.

We have already seen from Poles that he is not afraid to pull the trigger on deals. He did some wheeling and dealing to acquire talented players like DJ Moore in addition to draft picks. With the deadline looming, he could likely make a few more deals.

Yes, at some point Poles and the Bears have to start keeping their players if they want to progress. At this point, however, there are still deals to be made. Poles stated that he wants to build mainly through the draft. He is stockpiling draft picks. He can use those picks and have them mature and the team could start winning again.

For now, let's take a look at some players the Bears could move at the deadline.