Chicago Bears: 4 Storylines to watch for in Week 5 vs Washington Commanders

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
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Is Eberflus coaching for his job?

All the "Fire Eberflus" talk is getting louder with each loss. During this 14-game losing streak the Chicago Bears have invented multiple ways to disappoint their fans. Muffed punts, completions a yard short of the goal line as time expires, and blowing q 21-point lead are just a few of the ways.

If the Bears suffer another embarrassing loss then the braintrust of chairman George McCaskey, GM Ryan Poles, and president Kevin Warren have to make a decision. This game is on national television. With everything wrong that has happened so far, they cannot afford another one with everyone watching the only game happening. The fans' ire will be worse and whatever plans the team felt it could still make will go down the drain. The backlash will be huge.

Should that happen, the braintrust has to do something. Sure, we all know the McCaskeys are loathe to fire a head coach mid-season. However, as bad as this is, something has to be done. Eberflus has a 3-18 record, a .143 winning percentage. That is the fourth-worst in NFL history among coaches with at least 20 decisions. As bad as the things are, if they get worse there will be a locker room filled with players who have no more respect for the head coach. That could lead to a winless season.

There were some good things that happened last week. However, the final result is what matters most. It isn't good enough to say the team played three good quarters. The Bears have to play well throughout the game and come away with

Eberflus has to coach a good game. He needs to come away with a win. It will be a difficult task on a short week. That cannot be an excuse, though. He and the team are beyond excuses now. Eberflus has to come up with some wins or he will be out of a job.