Chicago Bears: 4 Storylines to watch in Week 6 vs Minnesota Vikings

The Chicago Bears won their first game of 2023 last week. Now they try to add another one as they host the Minnesota Vikings. Here are some storylines to watch.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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Can Fields continue his success?

In the past two weeks, Fields has exploded. In that time, he has 617 passing yards and 8 touchdowns. Before that, he had the pressure of the world on top of him. People started to question his ability. He is showing them how good he can become.

Of course, Fields just temporarily silenced the critics. They are still there, waiting to pounce when he struggles. Fields has to become a consistent passer in addition to showing his incredible running ability.

With his last two performances, Fields now has 1,143 passing yards, with 11 touchdowns against 5 interceptions. To give you an idea of how well he is playing here is a comparison:



Yards Per Attempt


Passer Rating

Patrick Mahomes






Justin Fields






As you can see, Fields compares pretty well to Patrick Mahomes, the face of the league. No, I am not saying Fields is as good as Mahomes. However, he is finally showing how good of a quarterback he can be. He is not just a runner, he can also throw. Additionally, he still has some development to do. He still isn't a finished product.

Fields needs to continue his surge this week. He has a great matchup in the Vikings. In addition to struggling overall, Minnesota really struggles against the pass. They rank 22nd in passing yards, 28th in passing touchdowns, and 29th in interceptions. That means they will give up yards and touchdowns and they won't pick the ball.

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Things will get interesting if Fields has another big day. The table is set for him to do it. If he does, then there will be renewed hope for him in a Chicago Bears uniform.