Chicago Bears: 5 Candidates to replace Matt Eberflus as head coach

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The Chicago Bears' 2023 season is already down the tube. They have not won a game yet. In fact, they have gone almost a complete calendar year without winning a game. The players are starting to tune out. There are conflicting reports coming out between the players, the coaches, and the front office.

The Bears are in a tailspin that has no end in sight.

It seems that head coach Matt Eberflus has lost the team. Last season, despite a lack of talent on the roster, the players bought Eberflus' philosophy. He is a hard-working, old-school coach. He had his famous HITS principle -- Hustle, Intensity, Takeaways, and Smart play.

Playing by this principle, the Bears were competitive in many games. They finished the season with eight one-score games. There were several more that were close in the fourth quarter before the opponent pulled away late.

As the losing continued, however, things have changed. Their franchise-long 14 game losing streak is taking a toll. You can talk all you want about playing tough and playing the right way, if the losses continue to mount, at some point the players will tune the coaches out.

That seems to be the case with the players this season. The 2023 season is a continuation of 2022 in terms of the losing. What we're seeing that is different, though, is that the players aren't following Eberflus' principle. We see a lack of huslte on too many plays. The intensity isn't there anymore. The defense isn't forcing any takeaways while the offense gives the ball away. Finally, the play is not smart. There have been too many mistakes in key situations and the dumb penalties are killing them.

With the Chicago Bears struggling so much, they need to replace head coach Matt Eberflus. Here are five possible options.

Some may say that it is still too early to talk about Eberflus replacements. There is still time to turn things around. There would have to be some major turnaround for him to save his job. He currently has a 3-18 record. That is the fourth-worst in NFL history among coaches with 20 decisions. If the team suddenly turns it around and goes 10-3 the rest of the way, he will equal Marc Trestman's win total. We all know how great the Trestman era was (insert sarcasm face here).

What we do know is that if some feel he can do that, the McCaskeys likely give him the opportunity to do so. They have never fired a head coach mid-season. There is no evidence that they will be any different this season. Barring a miracle, however, Eberflus should be one of the first head coaches fired on Black Monday.

Here is a list of possible replacements. Of course, there could be others available as the season progresses. This is preliminary. However, these options could be available for the Chicago Bears

Brian Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator

The Chicago Bears have used a blueprint similar to the Philadelphia Eagles. It is proper, seeing that Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields are similar quarterbacks. The Eagles have bloomed on offense, and Hurts has progressed magnificently. Brian Johnson played a part in that.

Before becoming the Eagles' offensive coordinator this season, he was their quarterbacks coach. He worked closely with Hurts and his development. Johnson was one of the hot candidates for an offensive coordinator spot around the league. Once Shane Steichen left as offensive coordinator to take over as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Johnson decided to take a promotion with Philadelphia.

Everywhere Johnson has gone he has developed great offenses and helped his quarterbacks. Before the Eagles, he was the offensive coordinator of the Florida Gators. The Gators had one of the best offenses in the nation. He could be the one to help Fields develop the way many expected.