Chicago Bears: 5 Candidates to replace Matt Eberflus as head coach

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Frank Smith, Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator

Another offensive coordinator who could take over as head coach is Frank Smith. While everyone is in love with head coach Mike McDaniel and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for what they are doing with the Miami Dolphins, the one behind the scenes is Smith. His playcalling is excellent and he utilizes the players' best asset.

That is one of the biggest frustrations with the Chicago Bears and Fields. The coaches are trying to convert him into a pure pocket passer. That is not Fields' forte. Sure, he could run some plays from the pocket. However, he is much better when the pocket is moving. Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy does not seem to understand that as he continues to want Fields to drop back. Apparently, Eberflus is in agreement with that move since he is not doing anything to change.

Smith would be different. He will look at Fields' strengths, along with the rest of the offense, and adjust accordingly. This is something the Baltimore Ravens did with Lamar Jackson. In the middle of the season, they changed the offense to tailor to Jackson's strengths. If Smith can do that with Fields then we could see great things offensively.