Chicago Bears: 5 Candidates to replace Matt Eberflus as head coach

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Bobby Slowik, Houston Texans offensive coordinator

Do you want an offensive-minded coach who has experience dealing with injuries to key personnel and a struggling offensive line to still get the most out of his quarterback? Then you can look to the Houston Texans' offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik.

Slowick had an offensive line that lost three starters, including both tackles. That was not ideal since they also had rookie C.J. Stroud leading the offense. We in Chicago know how injuries affect an offense. There were many around the NFL who expected Stroud to struggle in a big way.

Instead, with Slowik changing up the offense, Stroud i off to a historic start. He is averaging 303 yards passing per game, and has thrown no interceptions. He is only the sixth quarterback to do so in his first four games.

Slowik has used a quick-hitting offense to make up for the offensive line's struggles. In fact, the unit is doing a geat job of protecting Stroud and allowing him enough time to get rid of the ball. After giving up 11 sacks in the first two games, the line has given up no sacks in the past two games. Imagine that, an offensive line that's gone two straight games without giving up a sack!

Slowik could look at the Chicago Bears' situation and do a similar job. It is amazing that the current coaching staff cannot do the same.