Chicago Bears: 5 Players to watch in the Senior Bowl

The postseason bowl season has started. This week the Senior Bowl takes place (February 3rd). Here are five players the Chicago Bears should look at.
2020 East–West Shrine Game
2020 East–West Shrine Game / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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While the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the Super Bowl, other teams like the Chicago Bears are at home already checking out prospects to scout.

Now that the college season is over and the Super Bowl matchup is set, the postseason bowl circuit is upon us. This week it is the Senior Bowl. Some of the best prospects in college meet. General manager Ryan Poles and his scouts get a good look at them. There are plenty of holes to fill so he needs to cast a wide net to find players who could help.

The Senior Bowl is the first time we get to see the prospects perform outside of their schools. Scouts get to see how they handle competition without the assistance of their coaches. How do they take counsel from coaches other than those from their schools?

The Chicago Bears get to have their first look at some prospects they feel could help them

The important thing is how the prospects perform during practices. The practices might be more important than the game itself. There will be group battles and one-on-ones. These players won't be able to hide. Whatever deficiencies they have will be shown. On the other hand, whatever strengths they have will also be on display.

There are other bowl games that will happen (the East/West Shrine Bowl is on Feb 1st, for example). The Senior Bowl is the biggest and oldest. Last year, over 100 prospects who played in the game ended up drafted.

This year all juniors who declare for the draft will participate. In the past, the Senior Bowl officials allowed juniors only if they fulfilled graduation requirements. That adds to the list of prospects who get to showcase their skills and improve their draft stock.

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