Chicago Bears: 5 Possible replacements for offensive coordinator Luke Getsy

The Chicago Bears did what everyone expected and fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Here are some possible replacements.
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The Chicago Bears made their first move of the offseason on Wednesday by firing offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Getsy was much maligned for his poor handling of quarterback Justin Fields as well as his uber conservative playcalling. It was so bad that he was a national punchline for jokes.

Getsy was the coordinator for the past two seasons. In 2022, the offense ranked 23rd in points and 26th in yards. In passing, they were dead last. In rushing, they had success, ranking number one. A lot of that was based on Fields' 1,143 rushing yards, second-most ever in a season for a quarterback.

In 2023, the offense made some improvements. The scoring went up to 18th and yards to 20th. The passing game improved to 27th while the rushing attack only went down to second.

However, we were left wondering how much better the offense could have been. Getsy called a very conservative game plan, not allowing Fields to use his skills properly. He was known as the king of the screens because he called so many. In one game, he called 16 screens and 22 passes of five yards or less.

The fans and team became exasperated with Getsy. Some of the players called out Getsy on the lack of aggressive play calls.

The Chicago Bears fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Here are five options to replace him.

Now the search is on for another offensive coordinator. They need a strong playcaller since it appears that head coach Matt Eberflus will stay on. Ebeflus is a defensive guru and offense is not his specialty. He needs someone who has experience and can control the offense.

The Bears have another big decision to make this offseason -- what to do with Fields. They could build around him or trade him and use the #1 pick on a quarterback. Whatever they do, they need a competent offensive coordinator to help either Fields or his replacement.

There are a number of good coordinators available to the Bears. Here are five of them.