Chicago Bears: 5 Possible replacements for offensive coordinator Luke Getsy

The Chicago Bears did what everyone expected and fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Here are some possible replacements.

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Frank Reich

I feel bad for Frank Reich. He got a raw deal with the Carolina Panthers' temperamental owner. He had no chance at succeeding there as head coach so his tenure there was short-lived.

Reich has a connection with head coach Matt Eberflus. Eberflus was Josh McDaniels' choice for defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts. However, McDaniels backed out of the head coaching job at the last minute. Reich was hired as the head coach and he decided to keep Eberflus.

Now Eberflus and Reich could work together again. They understand each other and their philopohies could mesh. Eberflus would have total faith in what Reich would want to do.

It would be interesting to see Reich finally coach for a non-temperamental owner. Say what you want about the McCaskeys but they are a patient group.

Additionally, Reich has worked with young quarterbacks. He certainly helped Carson Wentz break out and play at a high level. He has the experience and patience to handle a young quarterback and get the best out of him.