Chicago Bears: 5 Possible replacements for offensive coordinator Luke Getsy

The Chicago Bears did what everyone expected and fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Here are some possible replacements.
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Marcus Brady

Marcus Brady is another connection with Eberflus. He was the Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks coach in 2019 and 2020. He then became their offensive coordinator in 2021 after Nick Siriani left to become the Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

While he is just 44 years old, he already has 15 years of experience in several offensive coaching positions. This season he reunited with Siriani to be a senior offensive assistant after he was an offensive consultant for the team after the Colts fired him during the 2022 season.

Brady was also a quarterback in college and the Canadian Football League. In college at California State, Northridge, he broke a number of records. He understands the position and can help a young quarterback develop. Many people around the league view him as a rising star and the Bears could catch him before he becomes a big name.