Chicago Bears: 5 Possible replacements for offensive coordinator Luke Getsy

The Chicago Bears did what everyone expected and fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Here are some possible replacements.
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Ken Dorsey

Ken Dorsey is another coach who was caught in a bad situation. He was the Buffalo Bills' offensive coordinator for the last season and a half. He was doing well there too. In 2022, his offense ranked second in both points and yards. In 2023, they ranked fourth in yards and sixth in points.

However, the Bills struggled. After a Week 12 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, they found themselves at 6-6 and out of the playoff picture. Someone had to be the fall guy and Dorsey became that someone. It did not matter that the offense was good and balanced. They ranked in the top ten in both running and passing the ball.

Where was it the offense struggled? It was in turnovers. The Bills ranked 23rd in total turnovers and 27th in interceptions thrown. Somehow, that was Dorsey's problem. He called the plays and got the players in a position to succeed. Was it his fault that Josh Allen acts like a gunslinger and makes some bad throws?

Dorsey would make an excellent addition to any coaching staff, including the Bears. His system has already proved to be successful.