Chicago Bears: 6 Best free agency fits in 2024

With the new NFL league year less than two weeks away, the Chicago Bears are busy finalizing their plan. Here are six free agents who fit.

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The new NFL league year is almost upon us. On March 13 at 4 PM Eastern, the 2024 league year commences. That is when free agency begins as well. The Chicago Bears are busy finalizing their free agency plans, looking at players who can help the team win more games.

With the Bears in Year 3 of general manager Ryan Poles' rebuild plan, the time has come for the team to win more games than it loses. In the first two years, wins and losses were not really a priority. Cleaning out the roster of bloated contracts and picking up draft picks were.

Now with the pressure of trying to win returning, Poles needs to fill as many holes in the roster as possible. He has the Bears in a good position to do it. The team has the third-highest salary cap space in the NFL and has two top-ten picks in the draft. Poles has the assets to pick up several free agents who could help the team.

With the new league year and free agency less than two weeks away, the Chicago Bears need to find free agents who fit the team's needs. Here are five of them.

Once the free agency period begins it will be like a hurricane hitting. The signings will be fast and furious. The first wave of free agency will have the biggest contracts given. Poles, however, has shown the ability to be disciplined in his spending. He has a limit on what he will spend and he won't overspend.

Last year was a great example. While other teams were overspending on big name free agents, Poles avoided a huge spending spree. A lot of the free agents who signed big contracts struggled. Most of the players Poles signed made big contributions. Poles had enough during the season to sign defensive end Montez Sweat to a big contract extension.

Poles wants to do the same this year. He is doing his due diligence to find players who can fit the team's needs as well as the team's culture. Here are five of them who Poles could target.