Chicago Bears: A blueprint for a successful offseason

The Chicago Bears' offseason has started. They already made one move. Here are some other moves they should make to be successful in 2024.
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Build around Fields

The biggest question of the offseason is what the Chicago Bears do with Fields. There are many who feel that after three seasons and not seeing elite play, and having the top pick in the draft, the team has a prime opportunity to reset.

Caleb Williams is a big-time prospect who many feel is a sure-fire bet to have a great pro career. Some say he is a generational talent but that has yet to be seen. The pro level is so much different than the college level. Additionally, it is rare for a #1 pick at quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl title.

Fields came into a very bad situation. The head coach at the time, Matt Nagy, did not want to start him in his rookie season. His job was on the line and he needed wins. A rookie quarterback would not help his situation. He did not favors for Fields

Since then, Fields had to play on an offense that, after Poles gutted, had almost no talent. He ran for his life, which led to him having the second-most yards by a quarterback in NFL history. However, he was not able to develop his throwing skills.

Additionally, Fields had an offensive coordinator in Getsy who obviously had not faith in him. Getsy would not tailor his offense to Fields' abilities. He tried to change Fields, which ended up turning Fields into a robot who thought too much on the field. The inability for Getsy to adjust was one of the reasons Poles stated for his dismissal.

The Bears need to build around Fields. No, the team does not have to be perfect. However, he needs more than what he has. In 2023, he had DJ Moore and Cole Kmet but nothing much after them. He also had a struggling offensive line that was hit hard by the injury bug.

The Bears need to add receiving targets for Fields. The more the targets the higher the chances of success. In addition to their draft picks, the Bears have a lot of salary cap space. They can work both through the draft and free agency to pick up receivers.

Additionally, the Bears need to fortify their offensive line. By doing that Fields could have more dependable protection.

The Bears should tailor the offense to Fields. They have to show they are all in on him. We saw how the Houston Texans went all in on CJ Stroud and they succeeded. Before that, the Baltimore Ravens went all in on Lamar Jackson in his rookie season. They did it during their bye week and they went from under ,500 to division champs.

The Bears have to show the same faith in Justin Fields.