Chicago Bears: A blueprint for a successful offseason

The Chicago Bears' offseason has started. They already made one move. Here are some other moves they should make to be successful in 2024.
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Hire the right offensive coordinator to help Fields

Yes, Fields is an unfinished project. However, as stated before, he did not have coaches who had faith in him. Eberflus has shown some faith in him but he is not an offensive-minded coach.

Now that Getsy is out, the Bears need to hire the proper replacement. The new coordinator will have control of the offense without a lot of interference from Eberflus. Eberflus will control what the philosophy will be and have his input on the game plan However, the coordinator will be in control.

This new coordinator has to try to get the best out of Fields, not try to change him. Fields has some incredible talent and has a chance to become a very good quarterback. He can use his legs to create magic. There were plenty of times when opponents thought they had him for a sack before he turned them into big gains. Getsy tried to curb that. Fields ended up having Getsy's voice in his head while he was trying to run a play.

There are plenty of candidates who have worked with young quarterbacks and helped them improve. There are some who also help resurrect some careers. That's not to say that Fields needs resurrection. However, he needs to have a coach on his side to help get the best out of him.

Fields has the tools to be a successful quarterback. Now he needs the right coach to help develop those tools.