Chicago Bears: A blueprint for a successful offseason

The Chicago Bears' offseason has started. They already made one move. Here are some other moves they should make to be successful in 2024.
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Trade the top pick in the draft

The Chicago Bears once again have the top pick of the draft. Last year, they used the top pick to acquire a number of picks, including the Carolina Panthers' first round pick, and DJ Moore. That certainly worked out for Chicago. Moore had a great season and the Bears got the top pick again.

Poles stated in his first press conference that he wanted to rebuild the team mainly through the draft. He has done a great job so far. Yes, he's had some misses (every GM does), but in his two drafts he drafted seven players who became starters. He also has six others who have played well in rotational help.

Poles can use a draft pick to acquire more defensive help. The Bears need another edge rusher. It was one of the reasons Poles traded for Montez Sweat. He felt that the free agent market for edge rushers would be weak. He could secure a good one in Sweat so he spent a second-round pick and a new $98 million contract.

Now Poles can find a very good option and have him on a rookie deal. That prospect can complement Sweat and give the Bears a much-improved pass rush.

Now Poles has an opportunity to acquire more draft picks to help the team. Some draft experts feel the Bears could get more for this #1 pick than they did last year. With Poles' desire to use the draft, this is a great opportunity for him and the Bears. He can amass the picks he wants and perhaps a veteran to help. He can definitely get some help for Fields. This is a chance for him to have another great offseason.