Chicago Bears go all-in on next year this 2024 NFL mock draft

Justin Fields stays, and the Bears build a behemoth.
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Bears gave up their second rounder for Montez Sweat, which was well-worth it. But, here they see a chance to move back up into the second round and take advantage of value that fills a questionable position.

Falcons draft trade

After making a trade with the Atlanta Falcons, the Bears select Arizona offensive tackle Jordan Morgan at pick no. 44.

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Morgan has been graded as a late-first and early-second type of prospect, so taking him here was a no-brainer. The 6-foot-5, 325-pound tackle returned this season from a torn ACL and answered the bell. The major question mark was whether or not he could be the guy he once was, and Morgan became that and more.

He's firmly in the discussion to be one of the top 5-7 tackles in this loaded class.

Morgan is a powerful being, but moves really well for a guy his size. Some might wonder why the Bears move up to take a tackle here, but this is a mixture of two things. First, it's all about value. Morgan shouldn't have been available here, and any team would be crazy to pass on him.

Second, Braxton Jones still has some question marks. He's been good, if not great at times, but he's also continued to have his down moments. If the Bears can get a sure-fire upgrade at the left tackle position, and potentially trade Jones or keep him as valuable depth, then they should do it. Morgan is a clear-and-away uptick in production at the tackle position.