Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams tries to ease fans' feelings about not liking the team

Caleb Williams gave a phone interview and spoke on a number of topics. He tried his best to assure Chicago Bears fans that he does like the franchise.
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The Chicago Bears quarterback debate has gotten so big that it has a life of its own. Any move or any word spoken brings up a ton of scrutiny. For weeks, all we were told was that it was clear that general manager Ryan Poles would trade starter Justin Fields and select Caleb Williams with the first pick of April's NFL Draft.

Then we suddenly found out that perhaps that was not the case. Reports had Poles perhaps leaning towards trading the number one pick instead. When Poles spoke to the media at the NFL Combine recently the media was back on the "Trade Fields" bandwagon.

It will be a relief for both fans and everyone involved once the saga is over. With the new league year, as well as free agency, around the corner (March 13), Poles has to make a decision soon. That is, if he wants to trade Fields. Teams want to have their quarterback situation settled if they decide to go the veteran route.

Caleb Williams speaks about being excited about getting drafted by the Chicago Bears.

While the prevailing thought is that the Bears will select Williams, there is still some concerns about him and his feelings for Chicago. There have been many reports about how he and his team have concerns over the team and the city. He reportedly doesn't feel the Bears is an organization set up to help him succeed.

Of course, there are also reports that he doesn't want to seem anti-Chicago. Still, those reports continue to come out. Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd reported that Williams did not want to go to Chicago. The next day, he kind of backtracked after receiving a call from Williams' camp.

While Williams' camp tried to refute Cowherd, later another analyst, NFL insider Jay Glazer reported that he tried to sell the Bears and the city of Chicago to Williams. Why would he have to if Williams isn't anti-Chicago?

Williams tries to clear the air

With all the reports of whether or not Williams likes Chicago or wants to come to the city, he decided to try to set the record straight. He gave a phone interview with ESPN's Pete Thamel.

"If I get drafted by the Bears. If they trade the pick, and I get drafted by someone else, I'm just as excited. "

Caleb Williams

The thinking of Williams' interview is that if the fans heard straight from him that he likes Chicago then the fans who may not be in favor of him could be assured. There is nothing better than hearing it from the horse's mouth, right?

Williams went on to say that he did not have any agenda to push. There is nothing to the reports that he is trying to work himself to a certain team. He acknowledged that the Bears, owning the number one pick, are the ones who have leverage and control. He says he is just excited to be drafted.

Williams speaks about Chicago in general terms

All the media is buying what Williams is selling about Chicago. All they needed was his word that he likes the city as confirmation that he'd be the pick. However, when talking about the city and the team, it sure seemed kind of cliche. Talking about the team, he said he wants to be in a place that really wants to win. Are there teams in the NFL who don't want to win?

When mentioning Chicago, Williams spoke about how great Michael Jordan and Walter Payton are admired. He spoke on their legend status, mentioning that he studied both of them thoroughly.

"I'm 22. I didn't really get to see those players. As the saying goes, the legends live on. That's my goal of playing football -- it's not money, it's not fame ... it's to be immortal. I want to reach that sense of being a legend."

Caleb Williams

When someone mentions Chicago sports what is the first thing that comes to mind for many people? It is Jordan and Payton. It seems he is trying to evoke the great feelings those players gave the city and give hope that he could join them.

Williams will meet with the Bears, among other teams, this week at the Combine. He won't, however, do any drills or do any medical testing That means we won't see him perform against the top prospects. We only get to see him at USC's Pro Day on March 20.


While Williams wanted this interview to assure people of his feelings, it likely did not. do that, though. Whoever liked him before will still like him. Whoever did not, still won't. The only relief from all the craziness will be when Poles finally makes the decision and the entire ordeal is over.