Chicago Bears could be ready to turn the 2024 NFL Draft topsy-turvy with big moves

With the inclusion of Marvin Harrison Jr for a workout, the Chicago Bears could be ready to turn the 2024 NFL Draft on its head with big moves.
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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has been busy overhauling the offense. He added new weapons like wide receiver Keenan Allen and tight end Gerald Everett to help the likely top overall pick in the NFL Draft, Caleb Williams. Wanting to ensure Williams is as comfortable as possible to succeed, he may not be done.

Pairing Allen with DJ Moore gives the Bears one of the best wide receiver duos in the league. Both are incredible route runners who use their intelligence to beat defenders. They also have the ability to make big plays. These are two of the best targets a number one overall pick can have to start his career.

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has made a number of huge moves in his three years. He could have another big move to strengthen the offense even more.

Poles is known for making a lot of moves in the draft. In his first draft in 2022, he turned five picks (none in the first round) into 11. Last year, he made what could be considered one of the greatest draft trades in recent league history. It is certainly the best one in franchise history.

Poles traded last year's number one pick to the Carolina Panthers. In exchange, he received what became offensive lineman Darnell Wright, cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, Moore, and the number one pick this year. Additionally, he still has Carolina's second-round pick in 2025.

That trade is one that will reverberate for a decade. Wright and Stevenson had very good rookie campaigns. They look to be contributors for quite some time. Moore, one of the top wide receivers in the league, had a career year in 2023. Williams is considered by many a "generational" talent who may do things no other Chicago Bears quarterback has ever done.

Poles has not made what could be considered a huge trade like he made last year. Sure, the Allen trade was big. However, while he had a great 2023 season, he is an aging receiver (he turns 32 on the final day of the draft on April 27th) who has an injury history.

Additionally, the Los Angeles Chargers asked him to rework his contract to save money but he refused. They were about to cut Allen before Poles came calling. Also, Allen contemplated retirement. He could have a good season but he is not in the Chicago Bears' long-term plans. Those could be the reasons he only fetched a fourth-round pick.

Poles wants to make sure Williams succeeds not only this year but also for years to come. As a result, he still needs to find another wide receiver. A wide receiver who can grow and connect with Williams.