Chicago Bears could be ready to turn the 2024 NFL Draft topsy-turvy with big moves

With the inclusion of Marvin Harrison Jr for a workout, the Chicago Bears could be ready to turn the 2024 NFL Draft on its head with big moves.
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The Chicago Bears will host wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr this week. That could send tremors throughout the league.

It was interesting that the Bears announced that they would host wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr for a visit this week. Why would they do that, however? It's not that having Harrison would be bad. Quite the contrary, Harrison is considered the top wide receiver in the draft. Some even feel that he is the "generational" talent at wide receiver.

Way back before Poles traded QB1 Justin Fields, there were many who felt he should trade the top pick for another historic haul. They felt he could trade the pick and move down a couple of spots and still take Harrison. That plan went out the window after the Fields trade.

The question many have now is whether Poles uses his second first-round pick, number nine overall, or trades that for more picks. With the Chicago Bears owning just four picks, there are many who feel he could do that.

Well, how about Poles trades up? He could package the ninth overall pick with future draft picks to move up and select Harrison. The Bears have 16 picks in 2025 and 2026 combined. Seven of them in the first three rounds. He has the assets to combine a few and trade to acquire Harrison.

Some might feel that Poles could signal that he may trade the number one pick and pick up a veteran quarterback. He could make a trade for the Chargers' Justin Herbert, for example. That could happen if the Arizona Cardinals, who own the fourth overall pick, trade the pick to a quarterback-needy team.

Of course, everything we say before the trade is absolutely speculative. No one but Poles and his staff know what will happen. However, this would be in line with other trades Poles has made. People have constantly been wrong on what he does. With people expecting him to either use the ninth pick or trade down, it would be so like Poles to trade up instead.


Poles said numerous times that Year 3 of the rebuild is crucial. That is when he expects the team to take a major step forward. Having generational talents at both the quarterback and wide receiver would go a long way to making that happen. It would also help Poles erase the narrative that the Chicago Bears cannot have a successful quarterback.