Chicago Bears: Could Ryan Poles be playing with fire by not making a decision?

Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles has a big decision to make at quarterback. While many felt he had his mind made up, he could be rethinking what he does

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This has certainly been a crazy up-and-down offseason for the Chicago Bears and General Manager Ryan Poles has not even made his biggest moves yet. He has the number one pick in this April's draft. Many feel the top prospect in the draft is USC quarterback Caleb Williams. Some tabbed him as a "generational" talent.

Poles also has quarterback Justin Fields, a talented player who has not reached his peak yet. Poles has to decide whether to trade the top pick or trade Fields. The entire NFL world is waiting with bated breath while he mulls over what to do.

Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles has to make a huge decision at quarterback. By not making a decision yet, is he playing with fire?

While many people are convinced they know what Poles will do, it actually goes back and forth. One week, it appears that Poles would keep the pick and trade Fields. The next week, however, it seems he will keep Fields and trade the pick. Then, a week later, it turns again.

After the circus that was the NFL Combine last week, it was all but assured that Poles was going to trade Fields. He spoke highly about Williams, saying he saw similarities between Williams and Patrick Mahomes. Then he spoke about not keeping Fields "in the gray" waiting. He said he wanted to do right by Fields.

Now, however, it appears that Poles might not be sure of what he will do. He did not want to let this linger. If he wanted to do right by Fields, he would make a decision already.

It was reported that Poles was waiting for the Combine to gauge what the values of the draft pick and Fields are. Once he had that, he would make his decision soon after. However, that still has not happened. Time is running out.

What does that mean? Is Poles now rethinking what he wants to do? This is his third year making these decisions. In his first two, he has been very disciplined on his vision and not deviating from it, whether it was in free agency or the draft. This is a decision that may either bring him glory or send him to unemployment.

The new league year begins in less than a week. Teams that need a quarterback have to solidify their plans. They cannot wait for a decision while other teams finalize their plans. If Poles waits too long, there may be no market left for Fields.

Mike Florio was on WSCR and spoke on the Chicago Bears situation. He said if the Bears still haven't traded Fields, then they might have to wait until the draft, either during the first round or in the second round. By then, there is practically no way to get the true value for Fields.

"You've got to be in that main stream, that game of musical chairs, if you're the Bears as teams are filling these spots because by Tuesday (March 12), where's the spot going to be? Then what they'd have to do if the chairs fill up with veteran quarterbacks who are available without a trade? What you've got to do is you've got to wait until after Round 1 of the draft...a market for a second-round pick in that 18 hours between the end of Round 1 and the start of Round 2. That's a hell of a risk."

Mike Florio

Here are some nightmare scenarios for Poles and the Chicago Bears.

Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings have a big decision to make themselves. Kirk Cousins is a $28.5 million cap hit for them in 2024. He is also due pro-rated bonus money that kicks in once the new league year begins. The Vikings can avoid that by voiding his contract or extending it. Voiding the contract would make him a free agent.

If Cousins becomes a free agent he will have a big market. There are reports that the Atlanta Falcons are very interested in signing him. The Falcons have also expressed interest in trading for Fields. With Cousins available Atlanta could go with Cousins. They can pick him up without giving away valuable draft capital.

What happens if Fields is not available yet? The Falcons would have to quickly turn to Cousins and fight to sign him. If that happens, then Atlanta would be out on Fields. The nightmare scenario would be having the Vikings be the only team left in on Fields. It would be a scary situation having to decide whether to release Fields or trade him within the division.

Russell Wilson

Another team rumored to have interest in Fields is the Pittsburgh Steelers. They need to improve their quarterback situation. Recently, the Denver Broncos told Russell Wilson that they would release him at the start of the new league year. They permitted him to seek a trade before the release.

With Wilson being available after the new league year, that is more competition for Fields. The Steelers are also interested in Wilson and may decide to go with him if he decides to take the league minimum and stick the Broncos with the rest of the money owed. That could be something Wilson would love to do after what happened.


It will be interesting what happens in the next few days. However, Poles needs to have the situation resolved or he risks getting less for Fields. That is, of course, he decides to trade the top pick instead. Are you dizzy yet?