Chicago Bears: Drafting Caleb Williams would be a huge mistake

There are many who feel that the Chicago Bears should draft Caleb Williams because he is a "generational" talent. He isn't and drafting him would be a mistake.

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Williams' play is not as great as some make it seem

As mentioned earlier, people throw the "generational talent" tag around a lot when it comes to Williams. In looking at his film, he is a good off-schedule quarterback. If a play breaks down he can move around and make something out of nothing. His problem comes when he has to make on-schedule plays. He is inconsistent.

Well, guess what? The Bears already have a quarterback who is similar to that. Fields uses his legs to extend plays or make plays. He can tuck the ball and take off and there is no one on defense who can catch up to him once he breaks free. Williams can run as well, but he does not have the speed that Fields has.

In 2022, Williams ran 113 times for 382 yards, a 3.4 yards per carry average. Fields averages 6.2 yards per carry in the NFL with an offensive line that has struggled mightily with injuries.

Daniel Kelly is a former NFL scout. He scouted for the New York Jets for four years. He analyzed all of Williams' tapes and did not come out impressed. In fact, he gave Williams a second-round grade! He says Williams can be a good quarterback but nowhere near as great as some feel.