Chicago Bears: Ex-NFL scout blasts Caleb Williams, says he isn't ready for the NFL

The Chicago Bears have a big decision at quarterback this offseason. Some want Caleb Williams to be the guy. Now an ex-NFL scout blasts Williams.

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The Chicago Bears face a huge decision. They have to decide whether to use the #1 pick on USC quarterback Caleb Williams or trade it for an abundance of draft picks and go all in on Justin Fields. This is a decision that could alter the direction of the team and either make general manager Ryan Poles a hero or cost him his job.

Some view Williams as a "generational" talent who could take the Bears' offense to new heights. He is the 2022 winner of the Heisman Trophy. On the other hand, there are those who want to keep the course with Fields. Fields had flashes of brilliance but they were too few and far between.

However, Chicago can acquire a treasure trove of picks and perhaps a key veteran player with the trade of the pick. Perhaps having a plethora of talent around Fields could result in much better play.

The Chicago Bears have plenty to mull over. Now a former ex-NFL scout put his two cents' worth. He says that Caleb Williams isn't the generational talent some feel he is and says he is not ready for the NFL

Opinions on the Bears' quarterback quandary abound. People involved in all aspects of the NFL want to put in their two cents' worth. Some believe Poles cannot walk away from the huge haul he can get if he trades the pick. He did it with the #1 pick of last year's draft. He acquired what turned out to be Darnell Wright, Tyrique Stevenson, the #1 pick in this year's draft, DJ Moore, and a second-round pick in 2025.

Some feel that with the hype surrounding Williams, Poles can get even more.

On the other hand, there are those who feel that Poles cannot walk away from the talent that is Williams. They feel that prospects this good don't come along very often. Names such as Peyton Manning and Patrick Mahomes are mentioned in the same breath as Williams. Besides, the Bears also have the #9 pick and can trade that and pick up picks that way.

It is an important decision and one that will alter the fortunes of the franchise for years to come. While everyone has an opinion, none of us knows much until Poles finally makes a decision. However, some people are more connected than others and their opinion is much more educated than a regular fan's opinion.

Now comes an opinion from a former NFL scout. Daniel Kelly spent four years as a scout for the New York Jets. He also wrote a book, Whatever It Takes, about a fan who makes it to the NFL. He had a strong opinion on Williams and it was not a positive one.

Kelly took a look at Williams over the past two seasons. He gave his opinion and he did not hold back on his criticism.

"He’s much closer to Johnny Manziel than Patrick Mahomes on the spectrum. I mean that with respect and sensitivity, but that’s what I would say if I was a scout sitting in the pre-draft meetings.

We witnessed Caleb Williams having a mental breakdown right before our eyes crying uncontrollably in his mother’s arms. To me —as a former NFL Scout, he’s the most mentally fragile player I’ve ever evaluated, quarterback or otherwise.

He has little experience dealing with adversity even by his own admission..."

Daniel Kelly

While it is a bit much to compare Williams to Manziel, he could be compared to former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Kelly went on to say that he had bad body language and tone in the last six weeks of the season. It was evident that the Trojans were not going to compete for the Pac-12 title.

Kelly noted that Williams seemed aloof. Let's see, a quarterback with awful body language, gives off a bad tone when he speaks, and seems aloof. Where have we seen that before? Oh, right...Cutler!

While that is one person's opinion, there was something that USC backup quarterback Miller Moss said after he led an impressive upset over Louisville in the Holiday Bowl. Williams did not play to avoid a possible injury. Moss threw six touchdowns, a school record in a bowl game. However, after the game he said something that could be considered shade on Williams.

"I don't think it's as much about me as it is about the team. The emphasis is really to come together as a team. No ego, no individual. It's all about us as a team bonding together, and that's what we are to focus on moving forward."

Miller Moss

The Trojans finished the 2023 season a disappointing 8-5 and 5-4 in their conference. It was a frustrating season for Williams after leading his team to an 11-3 overall record, 8-1 in the conference. He topped it off with the Heisman. He had a lot of bumps in the road during the season.

The incident with the crying to his mother really showed a lot. He is supposed to be a leader of Type-A personalities. That was not a good look. As Kelly said, Williams explained his behavior by saying he was never in a situation where he was 7-5. How will he react when he is on a team that starts the season 0-4 like the Bears did in 2023?

As the season progressed and USC was losing games, you could see Williams check out mentally. While he had 30 touchdown passes in the season, he only had 9 of them in the final 7 games. Additionally, 15 of his touchdown passes, or half, came against Nevada (5), Colorado (6), and San Jose State (6). He had no more than three touchdown passes against any other team. Finally, his team was 2-9 against ranked college teams when he played.


NFL teams do their due diligence on players before they draft them. Poles will do his on Williams. If what is said about Williams is true, then he will certainly trade the #1 pick. With the way the coaching staff is getting set up, perhaps he already has the confirmation he needs.