Chicago Bears fill holes as Ryan Poles builds a contender for the NFC North title

In our latest Chicago Bears mock draft, general manager Ryan Poles does his best to build a roster that contends for the NFC North title.

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Round 1, #1 Overall: Caleb Williams, Quarterback, USC

Once Poles traded Fields this pick seemed like a gimme. Poles fell in love with Caleb Williams and brought a small village of personnel to USC's Pro Day. They arrived a couple of days earlier and had dinner with Williams. Afterward, both Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus cannot stop talking about how much they love Williams.

Eberflus was effusive in his description of Williams. He noted how Williams' teammates respected him so much.

"The biggest takeaway is that you can see the arm talent on the film and you can see it there in person. What I loved to see was the interaction with the other players. You can see that, and we talked to every person that was on that team. . . We talked to those guys at the dinner, and you can certainly see those players love him and respect him and what he’s brought to that program."

Matt Eberflus

There is a lot to love with Williams. He has the arm strength to make any type of throw. If a play breaks down, he has the ability to go off schedule and still kill the defense. He is not the same dynamic runner that Fields was but he can use his legs to extend a play and occasionally run to move the chains.

There will be a new era for the Chicago Bears and it will be the Caleb Williams era. This is who Poles is betting his job on. Williams is his quarterback and he has already made moves to try to make sure he succeeds.