Chicago Bears fill holes as Ryan Poles builds a contender for the NFC North title

In our latest Chicago Bears mock draft, general manager Ryan Poles does his best to build a roster that contends for the NFC North title.

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Round 3, #76 Overall: Roman Wilson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

Here Poles makes a trade. He trades the 75th overall pick and a 2025 fifth round pick to the Denver Broncos for picks number 76 and 126.

While Poles passes on an elite receiver with the number nine pick, he still picks up a very good receiver in Roman Wilson. Wilson will be able to help Williams by using his great speed and athleticism. He has several gears once the ball is snapped. He can explode right away then shift and go even faster. Opposing defensive backs will have headaches trying to cover him.

On 50/50 balls, Wilson has incredible body control. His hand-eye coordination is ridiculous and he has the ability to outjump the defender for the ball. He will shine making contested catches and will wow the fans. Additionally, he is a great route-runner. He adds to a wide receivers corps that already has great route-runners with DJ Moore and Allen.

Williams will have confidence in his receivers to be where they are supposed to be and that they can run their routes so well that they can create space between them and the defenders. His hands are great so he will catch it at its highest point. Once he grabs it, he can just put on the jets and outrun the defense.

Speed is something Poles wants. Having an abundance of speed puts a lot of pressure on the defense. With all these speedy receivers they won't be able to cover them all. Wilson will fit right in with this offense and will make some noise with his play.