Chicago Bears: Final five-game stretch critical for the team, players, and coaches

Now that the Chicago Bears had their bye week, they have an important five-game stretch. A lot of jobs for players and coaches are on the line.
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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Draft position

The Chicago Bears currently have two first round picks -- the Carolina Panthers' pick from last year's trade of the top overall pick, and their own. Currently, those picks are the Panthers' at number one and their own at #5. The Panthers' pick seems to be a solid top-five pick. The Panthers are a mess right now, being so bad they fired their coach who was less than a year into his tenure, so their expectations are low.

The Bears' pick can fluctuate. Some teams are, for one reason or another, playing very badly. With the Bears playing much better, their draft pick can lower as they win more games. Many fans desperately want the Bears to continue to lose.

However, the better they play the better the picture the team has of what is on the roster. That will make the offseason needs clearer. We'll see how they play in these final five games.