Chicago Bears: Final five-game stretch critical for the team, players, and coaches

Now that the Chicago Bears had their bye week, they have an important five-game stretch. A lot of jobs for players and coaches are on the line.
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Coaching staff

The coaching staff is working for its job. The coaches have been spotty with their performances. The defense was a mess with defensive coordinator Alan Williams at the helm. He made no adjustments and did not have a real plan. Then he had to abruptly resign. Head coach Matt Eberflus took over the defense and the unit has played very well since.

Running backs coach David Walker also had to be let go. With him leading the unit, the Bears had the best rushing attack in the NFL. However, for something that happened that had nothing to do with on-field performance, he had to go.

In terms of the coaches left, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has been categorically criticized for his offensive game plan. He is very inconsistent. He would start out aggressive and dynamic, but will then try to sit on the lead for three quarters. That means he becomes very conservative and just tries to milk the clock.

Then there is Eberflus. He deserves credit for turning the defense around. When he was with the Indianapolis Colts, his defense was among the best in the league. He shows a clear knack for leading a defense.

Leading an entire team is different, however. The mess the team had with the coaches, the relationship between quarterback Justin Fields and Getsy, and the inability to not only win consistently but just win consecutive games. Add to that the late-game collapses and his player rotation (resulting on the best players being sidelined during key moments in games) and things don't look good for him. Does a complete turnaround change things for him?