Chicago Bears: Final five-game stretch critical for the team, players, and coaches

Now that the Chicago Bears had their bye week, they have an important five-game stretch. A lot of jobs for players and coaches are on the line.
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears enjoyed their well-deserved bye week in Week 13. The players were able to try to heal up from the various bumps and bruises from the season. The coaches have to try to adjust their game plans so the final games are better.

The Bears now have a critical five-game stretch to end the season. After losing their first four games of the season and allowing 34.2 points per game, they have gone 4-4, allowing just 19.9 points per game. They made some nice strides in improving. Now we'll see if they continue to improve to the end.

The last five games for the Chicago Bears will be a critical time for the team.

These final five games will be crucial for a lot of people on the team. Players and coaches have their jobs on the line. With the rebuild continuing, there are likely to be some people here today who won't be around next season. General manager Ryan Poles and team president Kevin Warren are taking a long look and taking notes. For some, these final five games could make the difference.

As mentioned before, the Bears have been playing pretty good football for most of the season. While they only have four wins to show for it, they easily could have had more. They had collapses against the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions (their next opponents) and were a play or two from beating the Minnesota Vikings (in their first game) and the New Orleans Saints (five turnovers yet had a chance late in the game).

Let's take a look at how important these final five games are for the Chicago Bears players, coaches, and situation.