Chicago Bears: It gets clearer every week that Matt Eberflus should be fired

The Chicago Bears suffered another humiliating loss on Sunday. If it wasn't clear before that Matt Eberflus should be fired, it is crystal clear now.

Chicago Bears
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The Chicago Bears suffered another embarrassing collapse on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. They had a 12-point lead with 4:15 left in the game but left Detroit with a frustrating 31-26 loss and a lot of questions.

Yes, the Bears are only in Year 2 of their latest rebuild. Reasonable people did not expect a championship team (or even a playoff-contending team), but they wanted to get an idea that the rebuild was on the right path. While this team has more talent than it did last season, there are many doubts about whether this coaching staff is doing the team any favors.

This coaching staff has gone through a lot this season. Alan Williams, the defensive coordinator, had a problem that involved human resources that required him to resign. If that was not embarrassing enough, running backs coach David Walker was let go, for similar reasons.

"As the head coach we are building a program and have standards to uphold to as a staff and an organization both on and off the field. Those standards were not met. I'm not going to get into details other than to say he's no longer on staff."

Matt Eberflus

Eberflus is right, a team has to have certain standards, on and off the field. This season, however, those standards are not being met on either side. We see with the players that the mental errors and penalties are higher this season than they were in 2022. Additionally, we see how the team loses its coaches with off-the-field issues. What he does not mention, though, is that the players' performances and the coaches' behavior come from the man in charge. The man in charge of the players and coaches is Matt Eberflus.

Matt Eberflus has shown that he is not the man to lead the Chicago Bears anywhere, let alone to relevancy.

With the loss to the Lions, Eberflus now has a career record of 6-22. His winning percentage of .214 is the worst in Chicago Bears history. Abe Gibron was the worst before Eberflus. He was 11-30-1 (.274 winning percentage) in three seasons. Eberflus will likely reach double-digit losses for the second consecutive season.

It is the coaches' job to put the players in a position to succeed. Eberflus has not done that in his 28 games as head coach. There have been too many times that the playcalling has been too aggressive at times and not aggressive in others. Also, the proper adjustments seem to not happen enough times.

With Eberflus at the helm, fans know that no lead is safe. We saw the collapse late against the Lions. That was not the first time it happened against Detroit. Last season, they had a 14-point fourth-quarter lead and lost by a point. We also saw them blow a 21-point lead against the Denver Broncos in Week 4.

The players and the fans are being let down by Eberflus and his inept coaching staff. This is a better team than the three wins indicate. We saw how awful the defense looked awful when Williams ran it. Now it looks like a solid unit (with more room for improvement, of course). It took Williams' leaving for the unit to play well.

We see the inconsistencies in the offense. On Sunday, the Bears marched down the field, took time off the clock, and scored a touchdown. The rest of the way, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy became conservative and ended up settling for field goals. When you go up against a high-scoring team like the Lions, you cannot win by scoring field goals.

The Chicago Bears are not a team that fires a head coach in the middle of a season. They have never done that, and that likely won't change. Since we haven't seen it to this point, we likely won't see it happen this season. If something does happen, it would only happen after their Week 12 games against the Minnesota Vikings. They have the bye week so they would have time to make changes.


Other than that, we will see what other missteps Eberflus has up his sleeve. There is already plenty of evidence for his dismissal. If he continues his tenure, we will certainly see even more. We can only hope that while this craziness continues, Ryan Poles and Kevin Warren are busy developing a plan to have a better coaching staff moving forward.

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