Chicago Bears keys to victory in Week 14 vs Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears are coming out of their bye week hoping to do what they failed to do a few weeks ago- dominate and finish the game a beat the Detroit Lions.
Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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Will Getsy allow Fields to aggressively attack Detroit?

In the Bears' last game, Getsy held the reins tightly on Fields. Of Fields' 37 passes, 22 of them were five yards or less. He called a mind-boggling 16 screen passes. The result was the Bears not scoring a touchdown in the game. Only Cairo Santos' four field goals saved them from a loss.

Some think the Bears are still trying to decide if Fields will lead this team. Well, having him throw 59.5 percent of his passes five yards or less, or 43.2 percent of his passes behind the line of scrimmage, does not tell you anything about his talents. Getsy needs to call a variety of passes downfield to see how Fields handles it.

The Lions defense ranks 21st in passing yards and 27th in passing touchdowns allowed. Getsy's conservative play-calling resulted in the third-lowest passing yard game against Detroit this season. For all that is holy, Getsy has to call plays downfield consistently. The Lions secondary is not good and the Bears have to take advantage of that. Screen passes and hitting field goals will result in another frustrating loss for a coaching staff that has delivered too many of them.

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We will see if the coaching staff abandons its conservative game plan, both on offense and defense (Eberflus insists on having a platoon system that could result in his best defenders on the sideline in key situations), and calls an aggressive game. We saw how the conservative way costs them games. Let the team play aggressively so they can put up points on Detroit.