Chicago Bears: Keys to a victory in Week 7 vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears battle not only the Las Vegas Raiders but also injuries as they try to be competitive. Here are some keys to a victory.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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The secondary is able to hold down Adams

The Raiders have all-world wide receiver Davante Adams. He can go off and destroy a defense. The Chicago Bears secondary will have its hands full trying to keep him from doing that on Sunday.

There will be an interesting matchup going on between Adams and cornerback Jaylon Johnson. A couple of seasons ago, they had a great battle. Adams was with the hated Green Bay Packers then. Johnson was a second-year cornerback trying to make a name for himself.

Johnson did an excellent job of stopping Adams. Adams was frustrated with how well Johnson covered him. There was one problem, though. The Packers moved Adams to the other side. The Bears could not think of countering that move like, say, moving Johnson over as well. Adams went off in the second half against the other cornerbacks.

Hopefully, Johnson can shadow Adams all game long this time. However, the Bears do have some other corners who could play well. Kyler Gordon and Tyrique Stevenson could do a good job as well. We all want to see the Johnson/Adams matchup, though.