Chicago Bears: Keys to a victory in Week 7 vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears battle not only the Las Vegas Raiders but also injuries as they try to be competitive. Here are some keys to a victory.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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The Bears pass rush gets to the quarterback

The Raiders announced that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would miss this week's game due to a back injury. That means the Chicago Bears will face Brian Hoyer or Aidan O'Connell.

Hoyer is the 15-year career backup. O'Connell is the rookie. Whoever the Raiders choose, the Bears have to pressure them. Hoyer has shown in his career that he just cannot handle pressure. He will turn the ball over. Additionally, he is basically a statue. He is the pocket passer that Getsy covets. He won't be able to move around or take off.

O'Connell started in the one other game Carr missed. He went 24/39 for 238 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. Additionally, he was sacked seven times. Of course, Khalil Mack had six of those seven sacks. However, O'Connell is not very mobile and has a below-average arm.

The Bears pass rush has to pressure whoever is the quarterback. They've had trouble getting to the quarterback the last two seasons. They had just 20 sacks last season. This season, they have nine. They are on pace to record about 26 sacks, not a great improvement.

However, with the non-mobile quarterbacks they are facing, the pass rush needs to put pressure on them. If Chicago can get some sacks, pressure them to throw before they want, and add a few knockdowns. If they can do that, they might be able to force some turnovers and give the offense a short field. The end result could be an upset win.