Chicago Bears: Keys to a victory in Week 7 vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears battle not only the Las Vegas Raiders but also injuries as they try to be competitive. Here are some keys to a victory.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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Bagent manages the offense and avoids turnovers

With Fields not practicing all week, it looks like rookie Tyson Bagent will make his first professional start. He came in for Fields last week and had his ups and downs. He passed for 83 yards and he led a scoring drive by sneaking into the end zone.

However, Bagent also had a critical fumble that Minnesota returned for a touchdown. That score ended up being the difference in the game. It appeared that it might not be the case with the Bears marching down the field on their final drive. They were moving the ball well and moving the chains effectively.

Getsy tried to go for the kill with one deep throw. Bagent severely underthrew the pass, though, and it was intercepted. That sealed the loss for the Bears.

That happened with Bagent not having any work with the starters during the week. That won't be the case this week. Hopefully, that work helps Bagent feel more relaxed and ready to go.

Bagent does not have to take the offense on his shoulder for it to succeed. Having veterans like Moore, Mooney, and Kmet should be of great help for him. Additionally, the running game should help. On that last drive against the Vikings, D'Onta Foreman was wearing down Minnesota's defense. He was getting good chunks of yards and it appeared as if he would help the Bears get the ball into the end zone before the interception ruined all that.


Bagent just needs to be a game manager. If he can take what the defense gives him and not try to do too much. In that matter, Getsy playcalling is crucial. He has been criticized for his inconsistent game plan. We saw that on the intercepted pass. It is frustrating to see how little he asks of Fields to do while asking a lot from Bagent.

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Bagent needs to avoid making turnovers. We saw what those two turnovers cost the Bears last week. If he can avoid that and manage well enough to put a few points on the board then the team has a shot at pulling off the upset.