Chicago Bears: Making the case for keeping Justin Fields on the roster

The Chicago Bears' biggest decisions this offseason revolve around one thing -- quarterback Justin Fields. Here are some reasons why they should keep him.
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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The Bears are ready to take a big step now, not three years from now

Some people argue that if the Chicago Bears draft Williams they could reset at the quarterback position. Williams would be controlled for four seasons. The Bears have to make a decision on Fields' fifth-year option (about $23 million) in May.

The point is they can keep Williams on a low salary while they build the team. The problem with that is that the Bears might be closer to competing than most think.

The Bears finished with a 7-10 record in 2023. It was much better than most suspected after their first late-game collapse in Week 4. That loss dropped them to 0-4. There were talks about the Bears possibly having the top two picks of the draft.

Speaking of late-game collapses, the Bears had three of them in 2023. If they just finished those games, they would have been playing for the division title in Week 18. Considering how conservatively Getsy called those games, better coaching could have gotten those wins.

Fields admitted that at times in 2023 he had too much noise to deal with and that made him think too much and be robotic. He wasn't able to play his natural game.

If the Bears had an offensive coordinator who could unlock Fields' abilities and not try to change him then this team can compete in 2024 with him.