Chicago Bears: Making the case for keeping Justin Fields on the roster

The Chicago Bears' biggest decisions this offseason revolve around one thing -- quarterback Justin Fields. Here are some reasons why they should keep him.
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Waiting for Williams could waste seasons for key veterans

While people talk about resetting the clock on the quarterback position by taking Williams, it also runs the clock on some key veterans.

The Bears have some good pieces on this team. Look at DJ Moore, Cole Kmet, TJ Edwards, and Tremaine Edmunds. They played key roles on the team. While the team waits for Williams to develop, those players will have a lot of added treads on them. How they look 3-4 seasons could be very different than how they look today.

Some may bring up CJ Stroud and how he took the Houston Texans to the playoffs. Yes, he did that. However, the point is to win titles, not just make the playoffs. Stroud still has more development to do.

The Chicago Bears have a history of wasting players' seasons while waiting to build a winning team. This would be another case of that happening.

With Fields, other holes can be filled to make the roster stronger. That would help the team win games much more quickly than if they reset with Williams. Additionally, Fields has the support of the veterans on the team.

Williams would have to prove himself to the veterans. That job would be even tougher when those veterans feel that Fields is the guy for the team.