Chicago Bears: Making the case for keeping Justin Fields on the roster

The Chicago Bears' biggest decisions this offseason revolve around one thing -- quarterback Justin Fields. Here are some reasons why they should keep him.
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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The right coordinator can unlock the Fields everyone expects to see

It would not be an understatement to say Getsy absolutely failed Fields. He showed no trust at all in Fields. He ran the offense almost as if he was running a high school offense.

In their Week 12 game against the Minnesota Vikings, Getsy had Fields throw 16 screens and 22 passes of five yards or less. That is not a recipe for success.

It has been reported that the Bears will sign former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron to replace Getsy. Waldron already did a great job of rejuvenating Geno Smith's career. Smith has been a completely different quarterback since he worked under Waldron.

If Waldron does the same for Fields it could result in even better stats than Smith's. Fields has more tools than Smith so he can do a lot more. He is a dynamic runner. The only other quarterback who can run like Fields is Lamar Jackson.

Jackson received the same criticisms as Fields early in his career (heck there are still some who insist on saying he is a running back). However, he had a coaching staff that believed in him and helped develop his skills, not subvert them.

Fields had a lot of success using his natural tools. Yes, he needed more development to succeed in the NFL. However, he needs someone who can enhance his skills. Getsy tried to turn him into a different player. Let's see what happens when he has an offensive coordinator who supports him.