Chicago Bears Mock Draft 2024: In important draft Poles deftly fills number of holes

This offseason is huge for the Chicago Bears' rebuild. In this mock draft general manager Ryan Poles nearly doubles his pick to fill many holes.
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The Chicago Bears have a huge offseason. General manager Ryan Poles is in Year 3 of his rebuild, While he has done a great job so far, he needs the team to take a big leap. After going 3-14 in 2022, the Bears did show improvement. In 2023, going 7-10. What gives some fans hope is that they had three late-game collapses that resulted in losses.

Now the expectation is that Chicago turns a lot of those close losses into wins. They have the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and plenty of salary cap space to find free agents. What Poles does with that pick is the biggest question of the offseason. Does he use the pick and trade Justin Fields or does he do the reverse?

In a hugely important draft, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles wheels and deals to nearly double his picks to fill as many holes as possible

In this mock draft, Poles makes trades to maximize the number of picks as possible. He needs to fill some holes and he fills them here. That is why he trades the top pick. He pulls off a similar trade that he did last year, picking up a bunch of picks and a key veteran. That deal worked out so well why not do it again?

Poles turns six picks into eleven. In the process, he picks up another first-round pick. That will give him and the Bears some premium prospects.

Here is our latest Chicago Bears mock draft.