Chicago Bears Mock Draft 2024: Team racks up drafts picks to strengthen the roster

In this Chicago Bears mock draft, Ryan Poles wheels and deals to acquire more picks and spread the help around.
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For the Chicago Bears, the 2023 season is over. Now the fun begins. General manager Ryan Poles, along with President Kevin Warren, will spend the offseason trying to turn the team into a contender.

Some might say that the Bears are still far from becoming contenders. However, they had three late-game collapses that turned sure victories into losses. Had they finished those games, they would be in the playoffs and would have played for the NFC North title in Week 18.

Now that offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is out, perhaps the Bears could finally run a competent offense, not one that could be drawn up in the dirt.

The Chicago Bears use the first overall pick and their ninth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft to acquire more picks in this and the 2025 draft

Poles and company want to have high-quality players. To do that, they need to acquire draft picks. So far, they have six picks. With Poles' wheeling and dealing with his two highest picks, he ends up with nine picks this year and three additional in 2025.

Poles said from his first press conference when he became general manager that he wanted to build mainly through the draft. Yes, free agency is important. He wants that to supplement the draft, though. The longer you can keep young talent under rookie deals makes you a tougher and better team.

In this draft, the Bears get help for quarterback Justin Fields. There is a lot of speculation about them taking a quarterback with the top pick. However, it will be difficult for Poles and the Bears to avoid the treasure trove of picks they can acquire by trading the pick. He could also acquire future picks to continue to add to the roster.

Here is our latest Chicago Bears mock draft for 2024.