Chicago Bears mock draft: Poles stays true to his word and builds complete team

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles stays true to his rebuild vision and builds a complete roster in the final mock draft of the season.
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We are now in draft week. The 2024 NFL Draft starts in just three days and Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has some big decisions to make. He likely has his first one made, but there are several other holes to fill as well.

When he became GM of the Bears in 2022, he vowed to take a different approach to the rebuild than what others ahead of him did. He said he wanted to build a complete roster so the team could compete for titles consistently, not just every few years.

At the beginning of the offseason, Poles gave clues about what his first move in the draft would be. He overhauled the offense, adding important pieces to improve the unit. He added a new offensive coaching staff and added to the running back, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive line spots. Once he traded quarterback Justin Fields, who he'd go with became the worst-kept secret in the draft.

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles stays on track to the vision of the rebuild he had when he took over by adding potential starters and depth help.

Now Poles has an opportunity to fill a number of holes in the roster. Yes, he wants his new quarterback to succeed. However, he did a great job of doing that with his free agency moves. Yes, he will add more, but he also needs to keep an eye out on other areas of need.

While Poles put a big investment in his new quarterback, he also put in a big investment elsewhere and needs to make sure that investment pays off as well. If he does, then his announcement of taking over the NFC North and not giving it back could become reality.

Here is our final Chicago Bears mock draft before the actual show begins later this week.