Chicago Bears plan is set in place for the 2024 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles spoke to the media two days before the draft. He has his plan set and is ready to go
Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears
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With the 2024 NFL Draft just two days away, Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles spoke to the media. Because his moves can control the entire weekend, he feels confident and ready to go. He feels confident that his plan for the draft will be successful. Additionally, he feels good about the path his rebuild is on.

While Poles was quiet about his moves, his first one is probably the worst-kept secret in the entire draft. The Bears have two top-ten picks, including the number one overall pick. Poles' pick at number one is all but guaranteed to be USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

Poles wined and dined with Williams before and after USC's Pro Day. He had those dinners with some of Williams' former teammates and current Chicago Bears players. Williams was the only quarterback who went on a Top-30 visit. It is a 99.9 percent sure bet that Williams will be the pick. Either that or Poles is a great troll.

This year's NFL Draft could be the most impactful in Chicago Bears history and General Manager Ryan Poles is ready to take it on.

In his pre-draft press conference, Poles answered the question about his pick at number one. Of course, he kept mum.

"So unfortunately, it's one of those things I think everyone's got to tune in on Thursday to watch and figure out. But I feel really good about our process and where we are and where we're headed. So we know what we're going to do but everyone is going to have to wait until Thursday."

Ryan Poles

While there is little suspense over what Poles does with the number one pick, there is a real mystery over what he does with the ninth pick. He has a ton of options there. It is in a spot where he can still select an elite prospect. On the other hand, he can move up to get an even better prospect, i.e. Marvin Harrison Jr. With just four picks, he could also move down and acquire some more picks.

Poles addressed that last part. Despite having just four picks, he said he felt comfortable with that.

"I feel really good with where we’re at."

Ryan Poles

Assistant General Manager Ian Cunningham echoed that sentiment. He said based on the draft class the team is in a good position.

"We both feel comfortable with how the board set based off of the draft class. Each year is different, right? We kind of have to work in the constructs of this year with what we have given to us."

Ian Cunningham

There are some who feel that this draft is top heavy except for a couple of positions. This class is loaded with wide receivers, for example. However, if the Bears wanted to make a splash he would do so by moving up for Harrison. There are those who feel Harrison is the best prospect, no matter the position, in this draft.


Poles has put his job on the line for Williams. He will do everything he can to make sure he succeeds. He already revamped the offense. Williams will already enter the best situation for a quarterback selected number one. Imagine how much better the Chicago Bears offense could be by adding the best wide receiver and quarterback into the mix.