Chicago Bears: Possible cuts to make that will free up salary cap space

While the Chicago Bears are forecasted to have a healthy salary cap space this offseason, cuts could free up more. Here are five candidates.

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This offseason will be an impactful one for the Chicago Bears. After overhauling the roster last offseason, the Bears went from three wins to seven. Now they have an opportunity to add more talent and put together a team that can win more games than it loses. That has happened just one time in the past ten seasons.

For the second consecutive year, the Bears have the number one pick in the NFL Draft. Last year, general manager Ryan Poles brought in a haul and it helped improve the roster.

However, what also helped was having $110 million in salary cap space. Poles was able to bring in some key players who had good seasons. Having that salary cap space allowed Poles to make the trade of the pick and acquire wide receiver DJ Moore. He had a $20.165 million cap hit. With the space available, fitting that contract was no problem.

Despite already having a good amount of salary cap space, the Chicago Bears can still make some cuts to free up even more

The Bears currently have about $46.9 million in salary cap space. That is based on a salary cap of $242 million set for each team. That number is not official but it is expected to be the minimum. It may be higher. The Bears' total ranks ninth in the league.

That is a good number and ranks eighth among the teams. However, there could be some cuts made to free up even more space. These are players who might not be in the future plans. They might be struggling players with salaries that could provide a nice chunk of money to help improve the roster.

Here is a list of players the Chicago Bears could cut to increase the salary cap in 2024.

Travis Homer, Running Back

Travis Homer was brought in to assist in the running game and on special teams. He did not do much on either side. He received no rushing attempts in the season and played solely on special teams.

There are plenty of other running backs who can provide some help. Also, finding help on special teams is readily available. If the Bears cut him, they could save about $1.885 million.