Chicago Bears: Reports are that the team will a have quarterback plan set in a week

There are reports that the Chicago Bears brass will have a plan set at quarterback within a week.
Chicago Bears Introduce Kevin Warren as Team President and CEO
Chicago Bears Introduce Kevin Warren as Team President and CEO / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The entire NFL world is waiting to see what the Chicago Bears will do at the quarterback position. Whatever general manager Ryan Poles decides to do will have reverberations throughout the league. Many teams are waiting for that decision before they make their own offseason moves.

The Bears own the top overall pick in this April's NFL Draft. Many people speculate that Poles will use the pick on USC quarterback Caleb Williams. They consider Williams as a "generational" talent. He draws comparisons to Patrick Mahomes and Peyton Manning. The pressure is on for Poles to not walk away from that talent.

On the other hand, there are many who feel that the pick is too valuable to use on just one player. With all the teams that would love to acquire Williams, some might pay a handsome ransom for the pick. Poles had the top overall pick in the draft in 2022.

The Chicago Bears have a huge decision to make at quarterback. Whatever the brass decides to do it will cause a domino effect throughout the NFL.

Poles made a huge deal, acquiring picks that ended up being offensive lineman Darnell Wright, cornerback Tyrique Stevenson, this year's top pick, next year's second-round pick, and wide receiver DJ Moore. To think that this year's pick could draw even more is very tempting.

The Bears also have Justin Fields. Fields has had an up and down career with the Chicago Bears so far. A combination of his struggles, a horrible roster in 2022, and coaches trying to change him combined to give him problems. He has shown flashes of greatness. However, some feel he has not been consistent enough.

Despite his struggles, Fields has attracted some attention. A report states that several teams met with Bears officials during the Senior Bowl to discuss trade talks for Fields. While the trade of the top pick would bring in a haul, a trade of Fields would attract good picks as well.

There are teams that cannot afford to make a trade all the way to number one. They may be able to afford to trade for Fields, though. Some say that the Bears could acquire a second and a third round pick for Fields. Of course, there could be a desperate team that really wants a quarterback and might feel Fields is their guy. They might be willing to give more if other teams are involved.

As you can see, teams are waiting with bated breath to find out what Poles does. No matter what decision he makes on trading the pick or trading Fields, it will cause ripples across the league. You can expect some teams are getting impatient. They need to settle their their quarterback situation before the new league year begins on March 13th.

Now comes a report that Poles and the Chicago Bears will have their plan settled by next week. That is key because next week is the NFL Combine (February 27-March 4). Decision makers from every team will descend on Indianapolis. They will be there to look at the top prospects in the draft. However, it is also a non-official meeting place. Teams talk to each other and talks about trades could form.

Last year, Poles still had the top pick when he went to Indianapolis. He had some talks and gauged how much the pick would be worth. Perhaps he had talks with the Carolina Panthers. Two weeks later, he pulled the trigger on the deal.

That could be the case now. Poles could go back to Indianapolis, find out what the top pick is worth, and what a Fields trade is worth as well. Once he has that information, he could have his plan set. He could then go to teams and make final negotiations before a move is made.


NFL teams are holding their breaths waiting for Poles and the Chicago Bears to make a move. It seems that move will finally happen soon.