Chicago Bears: Ryan Poles could make a big trade during the NFL Combine

With all the crazy intensity going on around the Chicago Bears' decision at quarterback, A resolution could come as quickly as next week at the NFL Combine.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has some big decisions to make this offseason. In Year 3 of his rebuild he wants the team to take the next step -- compete for and make it into the playoffs. He has two top-ten picks, including the number one pick, in April's NFL Draft. He also has the third-highest salary cap in the league to attack free agency.

While there are many decisions to make and roster holes to fill, the most important one pertains to the quarterback position. The top pick in the draft is sure to attract many quarterback-desperate teams. With some highly-touted prospects like Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye available, teams want their pick of the litter.

Additionally, Poles has Justin Fields as the starting quarterback. Despite having ups and downs during his three-year career in Chicago, he apparently is still in high demand. Several teams met with Chicago Bears officials during the Senior Bowl asking about a potential trade for Fields.

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has some big decisions but the biggest is what he does at quarterback. Apparently, he could make a major trade during next week's NFL Combine.

The quarterback conundrum Poles faces affects the rest of the league. Whatever decision he makes there will be teams that are willing to make a nice deal. The situation is so big that since the Super Bowl was played it's been the biggest question on the NFL world's mind.

The situation is also the main subject on Chicago Bears fans. It has split fans into "Trade Fields" or "Trade the number one pick". The prevailing thought is that Caleb Williams will be the first pick of the draft. Many people think he is another Patrick Mahomes or Peyton Manning. Things are so intense that whatever move, even a move on Instagram, is completely scrutinized.

Earlier this week, Fields unfollowed the Chicago Bears on Instagram. That created a huge firestorm. Later, he spoke on why he did it. He explained that he unfollowed the Bears as well as the NFL. He, like many others, grew tired of all of the talk about trading or not trading him. Having to read it, even on his vacation, is tiring.

Fields said that he just wanted a resolution to all of it. Whether he is traded or not, he wants to know already. Well, so do the rest of us.

A resolution and a huge trade could happen soon

Now comes word that Poles might have made the decision and is ready to make it officlal. NFL analyst Albert Breer was on the air with ESPN Chicago's David Kaplan and said there is a good chance that a deal could be made during next week's (February 27-March 4) NFL Combine.

The Combine is where all of the top prospects meet and go through drills in front of team scouts in preparation of the draft. It is also a place where front office officials from every team meet informally to discuss possible trades. Breer said that could be when Poles makes his decision official.

As you can see, to go along with a decision being made, Breer expressed that the trade would be of Fields. This jives with the prevailing thought all offseason. Many expect the Bears to trade Fields. Breer explained that the Bears feel an urgency to make a deal now. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, while there is considerable interest in Fields, the new league year is quickly coming up (March 13th at 4PM Eastern). Teams have to finalize their plans before free agency starts. If more time passes and Poles still has not reached a decision, those teams will be forced to move on. That means a good deal could be missed.

Second, as mentioned earlier, this entire situation has gotten tiresome. We see the same things over and over, Also, the speculation is getting out of control. We see talk like "Fields is from Georgia so Atlanta is a perfect fit" or "Fields once passed over Pittsburgh on his way to Atlanta so he's going to the Steelers."

There were even people saying the Bears could possibly keep both Fields and Williams. Yes, keep both players and forget about the picks the team could receive in exchange for one of them. Everyone wants this finished, so Poles will will finally get it done.


Once Poles makes a decision things will fall in place for not only the Chicago Bears but also the rest of the league. Poles can move on and go about filling the other holes in the roster and the rest of the league can decide their own moves. It is time to make things official, even if it is something half the fanbase won't like.