Chicago Bears: Ryan Poles silence says a lot on Justin Fields/Caleb Williams debate

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has a big decision to make concerning the quarterback situation. His silence will be a boon for the team.
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The Chicago Bears face a franchise-altering offseason. General manager Ryan Poles has some big decisions to make. He has the #1 pick in this April's draft, along with the #9 pick. Additionally, he has about $46.9 million, the eighth-highest in the NFL.

The biggest decision Poles faces is what to do at quarterback. He had Justin Fields, but there is also Caleb Williams. Some consider Williams a "generational" prospect. Some compare him to Patrick Mahomes. There are a number of teams that would want to have him under center for them.

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has a decision to make at quarterback. While the entire world around him burns speculating what his decision will be, he stays silent.

Justin Fields has shown some flashes of great ability. He makes some throws that not many quarterbacks can make. Also, he is one of the best running quarterbacks ever. He has an extra gear that makes him faster than a speeding bullet. However, he has not shown the consistency needed.

So Poles has a big choice to make -- pick Williams and hope he becomes the great quarterback many expect or stick with Fields and hope it finally clicks for him. While he decides to make that decision, the world around him burns. Some people have it as Poles deciding between walking away from a generational talent or walking away from a treasure trove of picks.

Many fans and league analysts have been giving their opinions on what Poles should do. The fan base is split into two factions -- Team Williams and Team Fields. Both sides are firmly behind their man. Social media is a war zone. If you express your opinion on one side or the other you better be prepared to defend it to the death.

Through it all, Poles has been mum on the subject. everyone around the league is speculating on what he will do, but he won't even say a peep.

By staying quiet, Poles is helping his cause. There is no reason for him to say anything that could affect the price of either a trade of the #1 pick or the trade of Fields. He likely already knows what he wants to do. All that is needed now is coming up for the price of his move.

All the craziness surrounding the Fields/Williams situation is a good thing for Poles. The more the hype on Williams, the higher the price he can command. If you thought the craziness is bad now, wait until the Super Bowl is played this Sunday. Once that last game is played all eyes will be on Poles and the Chicago Bears.

Without any games to take the attention away, the debate will intensify even more. There is nothing more to talk about so this topic will be what people want to keep talking about.

Poles' decision could last about another month before he needs to make it official. The new league year begins at 4 PM Eastern on March 13th. Quarterback-needy teams will already have their plans set for acquiring a signal caller. If Poles is indeed trading Fields he needs to do it before those teams go in another direction.


For now, though, Poles is staying quiet and letting the chaos rein supreme. He can then see how high his price is for teams who want to make a deal with him becomes.