Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 12 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings

After a tough, heartbreaking loss last week to the Detroit Lions the Chicago Bears lick their wounds and go at it again, a rematch with the Minnesota Vikings.
Chicago Bears
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Do the Bears face Jefferson?

Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson is one of, if not the, best receiver in the NFL. However, he has missed the last six games with a hamstring injury. He stated two weeks ago that he was improving but that he would not play at 80 or 90 percent. He wants to be completely healthy before he returns.

Many thought that Minnesota would activate Jefferson in time for their Monday night game against the Denver Broncos. He could have helped them, as the Vikings ended up losing in heartbreak fashion themselves, 21-20. The loss ended their five-game winning streak that started with their win against the Bears.

Now Minnesota hopes to start a new winning streak, starting with the Bears once again. It would be easier for them if they had their biggest weapon.

It would be a nice matchup of two of the better wide receivers in the league. Watching Jefferson and the Bears' DJ Moore would be a treat to watch. Both of them are dangerous receivers who can either take a short pass deep or blow past defenders deep.

We will keep an eye out on what happens with Jefferson. With quarterback Kirk Cousins out for the season, Jefferson can be a big help for Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs can be confident that he can throw any pass and that Jefferson will make the play. Additionally, him on the field puts a lot of pressure on the Chicago Bears secondary.