Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 12 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings

After a tough, heartbreaking loss last week to the Detroit Lions the Chicago Bears lick their wounds and go at it again, a rematch with the Minnesota Vikings.
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Do the coaches fight for their jobs?

For the better part of the last two seasons, fans and analysts have been criticizing the Bears' coaching staff for their playcalling. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to their decisions. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and head coach Matt Eberflus just have not been able to get the offense flowing consistently.

Getsy has the habit of calling dynamic plays on the first drive. In many of the games this season, the Chicago Bears offense marches down the field and scores a touchdown on the first drive. The offense looks like a well-oiled machine. However, it seems to stop there, especially if the Bears have a lead.

If the Bears have a lead, Getsy gets into "Don't lose" mode instead of "Win" mode. He gets ultra-conservative in his playcalling, calling basic runs up the middle or screens. Man, does Getsy love screens. Then, when the other team gets momentum and scores, the offense can't get it back.

We saw that last week. In the first half, the Bears attempted two fourth-down conversions and were successful both times. However, in the second half, they had a couple of other fourth-and-shorts but failed to attempt any. Getsy seemed content with converting field goals instead of touchdowns. Against a high-scoring offense like Detroit, you have to be aggressive and score touchdowns. Getsy and Eberflus did not, and the Bears paid for it.

Eberflus is also stubborn with his defense. His rotation lends to having his best players on the sideline in key situations. That is what happened against Detroit. When the Lions were on a key situation and scored a touchdown, the Bears' best pass rusher and toughest defender, Montez Sweat, was on the sideline.

Sweat played on just 63 percent of the defensive snaps. In comparison, Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions' best defender, played on 92 percent of the snaps. In a key situation, after the Lions took the lead late in the game, Hutchinson was there to blow Darnell Wright up and practically throw him onto Fields, forcing a fumble. The ball went out of the end zone for a safety. When asked about the playing time, his response was strange.

"You just got to platoon them and get them in there fresh and when those lead dogs are fresh, you put them back in. You just got to do that because those guys are throwing their fastball every time. Sweat’s one of our best players, he really is and that’s just how we do it."

There are many who are calling for Eberflus and Getsy's heads. It could be that their fates are already sealed. If not, Eberflus cannot coach the same way he has. He is now 6-22 in his tenure in Chicago. He now has the lowest winning percentage in franchise history and one of the four worst in NFL history. If he wants to keep his job he and Getsy need to turn things around quickly.

Fields' return last week was the first of what many feel is a seven-game audition to continue to lead Chicago's offense. He did a pretty good job in his first outing. He completed 69.5 percent of his passes and had 273 total yards (169 passing and 104 running). He looked confident in the pocket


While Fields showed an improvement in stepping up in the pocket, handling the blitz, and reading the defense correctly, he still is a better player when the pocket is moved. When he rolls out it gives the offensive line more time to protect. Additionally, he sees the field better while on the move.

Fields was not given the chance to continue his aggressive play in the second half the way he did in the first half. He was 11/16 for 103 yards in the first half. That means in the second half he was 5/7 for 66 yards and a touchdown.

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We can hope that Fields has another good game and that he thrives in spite of Getsy and Eberflus. Fields had a good opening start in his return. Now, he needs to continue his momentum and stack good games on top of each other. If he does, he has a brighter future in Chicago than his coaching staff.