Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 10 matchup vs Carolina Panthers

After another ugly loss last week the Chicago Bears try to pick things up in a hurry and try to beat the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.
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After another embarrassing, ugly 24-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 9, the Chicago Bears do not have much time to lick their wounds. In Week 10, they play on Thursday night They do not have the time to ponder what happened and why it happened. Maybe that is a good thing.

The Bears just have to have a short memory and start preparing for another struggling team, the Carolina Panthers. This game could be for the number one pick. If it is, then the Bears already win since they have Carolina's first-round pick due to the trade of the number one pick in this year's draft. That means if the Bears lose, they win.

The Bears did go toe-to-toe with the Saints for three quarters. They exchanged touchdown and field goals and the game was tied starting the fourth quarter. Then, suddenly, things went wrong for Chicago. The Saints scored a touchdown to make the game 24-17. Tyson Bagent and the Chicago Bears offense had more than a few opportunities to come back. However, they could not move the ball. When they did, they ended up turning the ball over.

The Saints scored with 11:05 left in the game. From that point, the Bears had four drives to try to tie the game. They ended up with two interceptions, a lost fumble, and a punt. The Saints did their best to help the Bears. They lived in Chicago territory for the entire fourth quarter but did not score. It seemed that every time the universe wanted to help the Bears but Bagent kept saying "Nope, don't want it."

The Chicago Bears now turn their attention to the Carolina Panthers.

There are plenty of storylines to follow in this game. It seems that drama is following the Bears each week. They will try to keep that drama and all the frustration of losing games in check long enough to win the game. Both teams have combined for just three wins (Bears 2-7 and the Panthers 1-7). A win for either team would boost them.

Here are some storylines to follow in the Chicago Bears-Carolina Panthers game in Week 10.