Chicago Bears: Storylines to follow in Week 11 matchup against the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears look to win consecutive games. That will be a tall task as they face the NFC North leaders, the Detroit Lions. Here are storylines to follow.
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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Moore needs some help himself

While Moore is a very important key to a Chicago Bears victory, he cannot do it by himself. The quarterback needs to have another target to go to in order to have success.

Enter Cole Kmet. Kmet has had a very good season. He has 46 catches for 419 yards. He led the team in receiving yards last season with 544. If he stays healthy, he should pass that number pretty easily.

Kmet also has five touchdown catches. He had a career-high seven touchdown catches last season so he is on his way to improving on that statistic as well. He provides the quarterback with a big target and his athleticism allows him to make some acrobatic catches. The quarterback can be confident that when he throws to Kmet, the ball will be caught. He has caught a career-high 80.7 percent of his targets.

With Darnell Mooney being hit or miss, Moore and Kmet have been a pretty good combination. Together they've caught about 59 percent of the Bears' total receiving yards. They have to be on point on Sunday as well.

The one weak point of the Detroit Lions is their pass defense. They rank 20th in passing yards and 27th in passing touchdowns. They also rank 14th in interceptions. Additionally, they don't pressure the quarterback very much either. They rank 22nd in sacks.

The Bears' offensive line has gotten healthy and is playing well. They can have a big game. If they do, whoever plays quarterback can have a good game. The Lions give up a lot of passing yards. They've given up over 200 yards in seven games and over 300 yards in three. They allow an average of 231.5 passing yards per game.

The Bears need to take advantage of the Lions weakness and throw the ball effectively. If not, it could be a long game.